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Under $300,000 and Over $300,000 are Two Different Markets

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86% of the home sales in Bellingham and Whatcom County in the last 30 days have been homes under $300,000. And in Bellingham, inventory and selection is very low in this price range. The smallest selection we’ve had in over 5 years! That means if you are considering making a move this winter, you need to recognize there is two different markets. If you are interested in buying under $300,000, you really need to recognize it’s a very solid market (possibly on the upswing), especially in Bellingham. The best deals in the best locations are going to sell fast. And if you have a house to sell and you’re waiting until next spring to list, it might makes sense to list your home this winter instead. Lack of selection means lack of competition for sellers.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home over $300,000, it’s very different. Sellers should be more motivated because there is very little activity happening right now. If your buyer, there is some excellent values available.