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Whatcom Homes Sales Jump 16% this Summer

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The Bellingham Herald just reported that Whatcom County Real Estate sales rose 16.6% for the summer of 2012. That is a huge improvement, and one thing to add is the amount of homes for sale has been down at the same time. With inventory down and sales up over the last 2 quarters, prices have begun to stabilize and even tick up a little bit in Bellingham.

Looking at Whatcom County as a whole, the market is improving in all areas and in all price points, going up to about $500,000 in Bellingham, and $400,000 in the county. Above $500,000 (which I consider the “high-end” in our area) sales are up slightly, but it’s still very slow.

But a market rebound always works it’s way up. And a year ago, the under $250,000 range was stabilizing. Now we are seeing a bit of even appreciation in Bellingham under $250,000 and ¬†we are seeing the market improve (and prices stabilize) up to $500,000 in Bellingham and most surrounding areas.

Here is the chart for Whatcom County. You can see active listings are down, and pending and closed sales have been up, compared the same months in 2011.