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2 listings on available now

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If you have ever visited, it can be a little confusing. They have homes with “starting bid” prices advertised that seem amazingly low, and these starting prices appear (and often times are) too good to be true. With that said, there is an opportunity with many of the listings to put in a reasonable bid and get your offer accepted before the auction date…and often times at a price well below market value. Typically in this situation, you can still finance the property, and you can still use your Realtor to help you through the process.

I have two listings now available on auction. A 4 bedroom, 2.75 bath home in Bow, WA (in town of Edison) on waterfront for 284,900.

Also a 2 bedroom condo in Birch Bay with partial bay views for $154,900.

Both of these have starting bids that are very and both of these will probably sell for a price substantially lower than the asking prices. These are both excellent values, and this gives you a unique opportunity to get a great deal through the auction and still have time to finance the property. In many cases on auction day, it is cash offers only.

You do want to do your homework first. These properties are being sold “as is” with no inspection contingency, so you want to be comfortable with the condition of the property first. You do have the opportunity to finance the property if they accept your bid, but you are required to have as much as 5% deposit paid up front in the form of a cashiers check if your bid is approved.

For more details and terms, be sure to visit or contact me for more information.