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Bellingham makes list of 10 “happiest cities” in the west.

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Sunset magazine has listed Bellingham among it’s 10 “happiest cities” for 2011 on the west coast. This is the towns they consider to the best places to live (and find happiness). Other cities listed included Salt Lake City, Portland, and Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Bellingham made the list with it’s 65 miles of interurban trail, and proximity to mountains and the sea.

Every year Bellingham is listed in multiple publications in a top 5 or top 10 list. The lists have included “best places to live” “best places to retire”, best small cities to do business”, “cleanest air” and the trend continues with “the happiest”.

It comes to no surprise for those of us that live here..I have honestly never heard anyone say they did NOT love living here!

I think it also bodes well for the Real Estate market when these articles pop up. The positive publicity year after year must make some (small) impact on the popularity of Bellingham as a relocation destination.