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Zero Down Loan Program Coming Back

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It was just announced that the USDA Zero Down loan program is coming back! This program is funded through the Rural Housing Administration, and allows buyer under a certain income limit to buy Zero Down, outside of city limits. In Whatcom County, all areas are included outside of the city limits of Bellingham. A couple of homes that I have listed that would qualify for the USDA program include 2565 Finkbonner Rd in Bellingham for $209,900, and 5144 Marshall Hill Rd in Deming, for $204,000.

This loan program also has no monthly mortgage insurance, so monthly payments can be extremely affordable (especially with today’s rates)!

Since the tax credit expired, there has definitely been a shortage of First Time Home Buyers entering the Real Estate market this summer. This should certainly help bring more first timers back into the market, which can have a trickle up effect on home sales and home prices. For more information, contact me here.

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