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Bellingham’s Marine Park

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On a sunny day in Bellingham, the most popular park by the bay has to be Boulevard Park, by a long shot. That is where my wife and I find ourselves the most often. But just below downtown Fairhaven and the ferry terminal, and huddled between the shipyards of Fairhaven, there is another much less popular public park on the water. I have to admit that although I’ve been aware of it, I had never spent anytime there until this last weekend! It is called Marine Park, and it is equally as beautiful as Boulevard, but really has some perks you don’t get at Boulevard, or many of the other more popular Bellingham parks.

For one, it has a nice long beach (Boulevard has a very small beach area). Also, since it is less popular, it is much more quiet as well.

Marine Park has  a huge covered cabana area for barbecuing and large gatherings, and really stunning views. There is beautiful views of the San Juan Islands, and then back North across the sound towards Bellingham.

The park does lack other amenities. No sports courts or anything like that. But it is a peaceful setting and an ideal place to come down and read a book, or just watch the sunset.

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