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My favorite is Coconut Kennys. Oh and Little Tokyo too. Andrea is not a bad cook either.

  • My faves are:

    Thai: Supons for authentic Phad Thai (made with fish sauce not tomato based)

    Sushi:Osaka definitely!

    Pho: La Patisserie (The prawn and bbq pork soup is the best vietnamese soup ever)
    Mexican: Chihuahua Family Mexican Restaurant
    Greek: Akroteri

    Another overall fave is the Bar Snitzel at Jack Neimans, Everson (The caesar salads are THE best anywhere)

    This makes me realize how long its been since I’ve gone out for dinner!

  • Hey Paul,

    I’m with you on your picks. I’d probably throw in Diego’s for quick Mexican meals and Mambo Italiano Cafe for amazing pasta dishes.

    All the Best,

    Dale Kreiser

  • Lori, I forgot about Akroteri for Greek…of course! I’ve never been to Supons, so I need to try it out. You and I should go sometime soon!

    Mike, thanks for the reference to Andrea’s cooking, although, I don’t know if I can take you seriously on that one 🙂

    Dale, I agree with both of your other picks for sure.

  • Sopons has the best authentic pad thai in town.

    Lets do pho next. My treat this time!

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