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Acid Ball Moved As Part of Bellingham Waterfront Project

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The “Acid Ball” has officially moved to it’s new home base, at what will be part of the new Wayfront Park. This is part of the city’s waterfront project, that will include the new park, the renovation of the Granary Building, along with some other commercial and residential development within the waterfront acreage (site plan not all 100% determined).

The 400,000 pound 32 foot wide ball was originally used to store acid for wood chip processing at the old Georgia Pacific Paper Mill in the 1930′s. It will now be a centerpiece of the park at the tip of the waterfront, at the edge of the bay. It will glow at night, as they plan have it wrapped in luminescent glass beads.

Some are calling this a waste of tax payer money…but I think this is an amazing project, and absolutely an incredibly worthwhile investment. The new waterfront park and developemtn is going to completely change the complexion of downtown and the city of Bellingham (in a very positive way). Having something that is both iconic and artistically stunning at the edge of the bay, is something that will be absolutely unique and enjoyed by so many. Just thinking about how much my kids will be in awe of it…makes it that much more exciting for me personally.

There is no question that the investment the city and the developers are making in this waterfront project is going to be excellent for homeowners and investors in Bellingham.

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