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New Census and Home Value information for Bellingham

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The population continues to grow in Bellingham, now 83,365 at end of 2015, up 3% from 80,867 in 2010.
That is within the city limits, but the population is an estimated 104,356 when including everyone who lives within the Bellingham address, which includes the community of Sudden Valley and the surrounding unincorporated areas of Bellingham.
And no surprise, with the population growth, lower unemployment rate (now 6.8%), andlack of new construction in Bellingham since 2010.. home values are increasing. Home values are up 7% year over year right now as of April 2016. With less then 3 months of inventory in Bellingham (meaning if nothing new came on the market, all homes would be sold within 3 months at current sales pace), that points to prices continuing to rise at a modest rate for the next year.

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