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City of Bellingham will now require you to register all rental properties

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The City of Bellingham has enacted into law a rental registration program. Fees will be $10 to register each rental unit for up to 20 units, $8 a unit for over 20 unites, and registration will begin July 1st. The city will be inspecting all rental properties every 3 years (that is the plan at least). And the registration will require landlords to post the registration in rental properties, and comply with a check list of safety and hazard compliance measures (things like carbon and smoke detectors install and no safety hazards).

It will be interesting to see how this works out. Some homes that are run down will have a hard time complying, and landlords will need to put money into these homes, and then ultimately raise rents to account for that. This should create some benefit in many cases for renters (to be renting a safer home that is to code and compliant)…But it may also create an even bigger shortage of affordable rentals in town. Many of the most affordable rentals are once where landlords have slacked on the maintenance,┬ábut kept rents low. As owners go in to make updates and comply,┬áthere is no question some rental rates will rise.

So like it or not, it’s happening. You can find more information at

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